Firefly is an open-source observability framework for serverless functions that provides key insights into serverless function health through the use of metrics and traces. Firefly automates function instrumentation and the deployment of a telemetry pipeline, ultimately presenting your function data in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Firefly Architecture

Firefly is designed for small companies and projects looking to observe their serverless functions without committing to a commercially available observability solution. It aims to strike a balance between the ease-of-use of the SaaS solution, with the low cost of the DIY solution.

Other Projects


A request-bin like tool for receiving and debugging webhooks. Built with Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Handlebars, Ngrok and Express.


A personal task management app made with Ruby and Sinatra. Built to explore the Sinatra framework.


A database backed e-commerce shopping cart. Built with React, Express, Node.js and MongoDB.